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Type of buddies I'm looking for: DF RP Realm (a place for you to rp anything) or Email
About Me: Hello! I'm Heather, 28 and I've been rping since I was 13.To say I've rped a lot over the years is an understatement :P And you can see most of my past rpg characters here at my RP Database.
I am looking for people to roleplay with in small groups or 1-on-1. You'll find below a list of interests, such as fandoms and settings, as well as a list of plot ideas. Feel free to contact me about an idea for any of my interests or if you are interested in any of my plot ideas. Just please toss a pm my way and ask :)
RP Rules

Before I give details of plots let me be clear about what I am looking for in my fellow rpers:
1. Intermediate to Advanced RP - I do not expect multiple paragraphs all the time, I know from experience that sometimes 1 paragraph will do the job and still have effect. However, no beginners or one-liners. Likewise, I expect you to have decent spelling, puncuation and grammer.
2. Original Characters only - I like to play fandom/canon settings, but all characters involved MUST be original characters.
3. No PG-13 - Not all the plots I am looking for are erotic RP, however, I like to have the option to RP mature topics as needed.
4. You must be 16 + - This is non-negotiable (FYI I'm 28).
5. Communication - I am happy to discuss details and want RP partners who do the same. Keep in mind though that I do not like to pre-plan every detail of RP, I like things to flow and see what happens.
6. Be flexible - I have health conditions, studies and responsibilities. I will rp when I can. This will not be fast paced, we're talking at least new posts from me once or twice a week.
7. Methods of RP - RP will most likely take place by email, or on Distant Fantasies as I cannot promise when I'll be available on messengers.
8. RP Rules - No power-playing, god-modding and so forth. Normal RP etiquette; I control my character, you control yours. Small movements are fine if they help the scene flow.

Fandoms: Anita Blake series, Kushiel Legacy series, Night World series, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Dresden Files, Harry Potter.
Original Settings: Historical, Ancient Civilisations (especially Roman and Greek), Medieval, Renaissance, Crime, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural.
Mature  RP: Plots available upon request


The plots listed below are seperated into Fandom and Original and are open to 1-on-1 or small groups. Plots are then divided into two categories:
Pre-existing Characters - These are old RP characters I would like to RP with. Please read their profile carefully and be prepared to play a role that fits with their history and personality. This does not necessarily need to be a character specifically named (i.e. their Master or sire) and these roles can be renamed/rearranged to suit our RP purposes. The essence of the character, including name and play by, must remain the same.
Ideas: - These are ideas for plots which we are there to give you an idea of what I would like to RP. They're open to discussion, changes and suggestions - as long as they do not diverge too far from the original concept.

Fandom Plots
Anita Blake
Pre-existing Characters: Nathalia, Raquel, Eleasea
Ideas: Open to ideas for RP set in this universe. I'd like to RP in an old RPG setting, you can find the old RP site for it here. The basic plot is a city which has not had a Master Vampire ruling it for several decades and then lycanthropes have developed their own leadership. Now the Vampire Council is taking an interest and has sent a new Master to take over the city.
I am also interested in the animal to call and human servant aspects of the Anita Blake universe. So I'm looking for RP plots with a Master Vampire (male or female) who is the Dominant in the relationship. I'll be playing a female submissive either human or were/shapeshifter. The circumstances of their relationship can vary, either a forced  enslavement (kidnapping, blackmail, a gift, a deal, etc.) or she submitted willingly. I'm open to modern or historical settings.
Merry Gentry
Pre-existing Characters: Nyla, Alannah.
Ideas: I'm looking for an Unseelie Court Master/servant or slave relationship, with me playing a submissive female (species is negotiable). The circumstances of their relationship can vary, either a forced enslavement (kidnapping, blackmail, a gift, a deal, etc.) or she submitted willingly.
Kushiel Legacy
Ideas: I am looking for patrons for a female servant of Naamah of House Valerian. Open to any ideas and suggestions.
Star Wars
Pre-existing Characters: Cayla, Ralee.
Ideas: Star Wars universe I prefer the following eras: Old Republic (SWTOR), during the Rebellion or Post return of the Jedi. I have read most of the Expanded Universe (the old version anyway) but not all, so please check before giving me spoilers.  For mature Star Wars plots please see here: board.distant...3-smutty-ideas…
Night World
I'm a big fan of LJSmith's Night World series and would love to play something in this universe. It can be modern setting or the past.
Again, I love this series, and would like to RP in this world in an original setting. Either set before Trickster's Queen Duology or after in a non-canon specific timeline.

Urban Fantasy/Supernatural
Pre-existing Characters: Candice, Amber, Nalani.
Ideas: I love this setting and I'm open to playing female characters of any species; human, fey, vampire, weres, shifters, etc. I'm looking for mature and non-mature rp plots for this setting and I like politics, treachery, blackmail - something that I can really sink my teeth into. I especially like the idea of a post apocalyptic world in which humans have been enslaved and are hunted by the supernatural races. This could be mature/non-con or just the backdrop for something else. Open to ideas.
I have an old game, After Alocer, which is based on an demonic summoning that blocked out the sun. I'd like to RP in this setting or at the very beginning when earth is plunged into darkness and the supernatural are revealed.
Unseelie & Seelie Courts (Fey)
I'd like to RP out plots based on these two Fey courts with specific species details to be decided - I've read various Fey based lit, so it could be a merging of that or original concepts.
Earth Domination
I like the idea of humans being taken over and enslaved by a supernatural/fantasy race they didn't know existed, or possibly an alien race. I'd be interested in RPing out the actual conquest, as well as rebellions and so forth. My only request is that the invaders are humanoid and not based on a fandom.


Got other ideas?
I'm open to discussing other ideas if you think they'll interest me - original settings only though please. I'm very particular about what fandoms I RP and I never play (or play with) canon characters. If we used to RP you're more than welcome to bring up an old RP plot if you would like to play it again.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom


I'm a 27 year old English Literature student from South East London currently residing in Glasgow with my fiance. I started practising art and crafts as a child and completed an Art qualification at GCSE and A-Level. I also have a History of Art degree under my belt. I'm very out of practice when it comes to fine art as you will be able to see from the difference between my old school art and more recent attempts. I have an interest in photography which I will keep updated here.

Personal: Facebook // Twitter // Deviant Art // Goodreads // Holiday Wish List

Network: Facebook // Twitter

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image

Using my Work

Textures - Please credit when used.
Photography - May not be used in photo manips, artwork or projects without permission. Must not be reproduced as a part of stock images or commercial projects.
Artwork - May not be used or reproduced in any way other than inspiration.


Cronachan for Siobhan68 by NightElf86


Just send me a note or comment below to let me know :) If there's a particular piece of work you would like featured please let me know.
These places will be updated every 2 weeks.


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